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Dr. Adam Corley, Founder of Banner State Emergency Physicians

Adam Corley, MD | President & Founder

Dr. Adam Corley, President and Founder of Banner State Emergency Physicians, is a board-certified and practicing emergency physician. Since 2004, he has enjoyed the clinical and administrative aspects of emergency medicine and it continues to be not only his passion but it fuels his mission to make local emergency medicine better.

Before medical school, Dr. Corley went to high school in Italy, TX. There, almost every business was owned or managed by a local businessperson. There was a connection, a culture where the local community knew who you were, could count on you and knew you were not only active in your business but also the community. It was a true mom and pop environment which Dr. Corley loved and which made a lasting impression that form his vision for emergency medicine.

Prior to founding Banner State Emergency Physicians, Dr. Corley spent 16 years working with a large, national, hospital-based physician services company in a variety of capacities including medical director, regional medical director, senior vice president and executive vice president among others. His broad spectrum of responsibilities over the years, both on the clinical and operations side of emergency medicine, provided him with the strong foundation needed to take the next step towards his vision by creating a locally physician owned group deeply rooted in the communities they serve.

Now, as President of Banner State Emergency Physicians, supported by Emergency Care Partners, BSEP team is able to take the local and regional focus that Dr. Corley learned to appreciate and love early in life and collaborate with a national partner who also supports and embraces his vision. This collaboration gives Banner State Emergency Physicians the advantage of local and community leadership coupled with national resources that are unmatched.

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