What separates us from the rest?

Our unique partnership with Emergency care partners allows our team to take the local and regional focus that is a foundation of who we are at BSEP and collaborate with a national partner who also supports and embraces this vision. This collaboration gives us the advantage of local and community leadership coupled with national resources that are unmatched.

Our Partnership

Emergency Care Partners (ECP) teams up with visionary emergency medicine practices to support them in their goals for continued expansion. ECP believes that through collaboration, emergency medicine groups gain the resources necessary to thrive. ECP As a partner to these practices, leverages their national reach to ensure the local physician owned practices have the competitive resources to position their emergency department teams for continued success in today’s competitive healthcare environment.

Our Network

In addition to the resources provided by Emergency Care Partners, Banner State Emergency Physicians also benefit from a strong internal network of emergency medicine clinicians and administrators via the other physician owned regional groups within the ECP family.

Our ability to connect with leaders, clinicians, administrators and others across the country is just one resource to help us pro-actively provide solutions to the communities we serve. Across the emergency medicine industry, we all face the same issues from different perspectives. Only when we come together to share best-practices can we provide the best service.

Physician Ownership Model

We value a true partnership between our physicians, the hospital we serve, and the community that we are proud to call home. Through our collaborative-partner oriented approach, we believe in building and maintaining a practice that remains dedicated to the community by which the emergency and hospital-based clinicians are part of the fabric of the hospital and its goals. In order to achieve this mission all current physicians and all new physicians are offered a partnership track within the practice as well as our parent Emergency Care Partners.

Our Skills

as a unit

As a boutique company, BSEP has the ability to meet consistently with physicians and hospital management to maximize the alignment of all parties. Key performance and quality indicators are determined with the expectation to exceed all metrics.

with data

BSEP’s data-mining implementation offers the facility a wealth of information. Together, BSEP and the hospital determine the metrics of interest and create, maintain and share dashboards with hospital management. BSEP’s ability to make the data as rich as needed allows the hospital to select as much information as required on a continual basis. Our analytics platform provides the data needed to streamline processes and drive interdepartmental collaboration.

Working hand-in-hand

BSEP’s management works within the facility to refine all processes. Whether fine-tuning the staffing schedule or making changes to the patient flow model, the group is always part of the decision-making process. Because of our compartmentalization, we can react and make changes rapidly.

Working from experience

BSEP’s executive team brings years of expertise to the table. Because of our wealth of ED management experience, traditional roadblocks to success have already been identified and alleviated before the start of a new contract.

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