Working With Data

Redefining Emergency Medicine Excellence Through Continuous Process Improvement

At Banner State Emergency Physicians (BSEP) we believe that proper management of an Emergency Department is best guided by data to drive decisions. In order to best improve patient experience and satisfaction by optimizing Emergency Department (ED) throughput we leverage our ability to integrate with your hospital’s EMR to provide real time data in our easily digestible data analytics platform. We are able to highlight areas of opportunities that yield the biggest improvements, and assist in change management and implementation in alignment with our hospital partners.

Through our partnership with Emergency Care Partners, our back office operations includes a team of Industrial Engineers, Computer Engineers, and Data Scientist that have found the secret formula to providing data to support process improvement. Our team allows us to do more with the data including the application of flow simulators to predict and support the agile healthcare landscape

Contact us to discuss your Emergency Department, and how we can make your data start to work better for you.

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