Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital​

Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital is a 141-bed county hospital, serving the Nacogdoches County region with medical, surgical, and emergency care. For more than 90 years, the hospital has been serving the community and take tremendous pride in offering the best care possible to every member of this community. We are Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital, where people come first. Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital mission is to deliver better health care to patients and their community.

Today, the hospital is well-known for its knowledgeable medical staff, including cardiology, emergency, radiology, gastroenterology, physical rehabilitation, nutrition services, stroke, surgery and women’s and children’s services. It is the only Level III Trauma Center in East Texas. In addition, the Breast Care Center’s Mammography Facility is accredited by The American College of Radiology and the Cecil R. Bomar Rehabilitation Center is an internationally accredited Center of Excellence for Rehab.

The 12-bed emergency department includes specialized treatment areas for critical care, mental health, and fast track non-critical care to improve the care process and reduce waiting times. Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department has 24/7/365 coverage of board-certified physicians and advance practitioners.

A dedicated room for state-of-the-art imaging, including CT scanning and X-ray equipment, is located within the Emergency Department, so we can diagnose your injuries immediately. As a Level III designated trauma center, it is backed by the resources of an entire health system, including a 30,000 square foot world-class surgery center right on site.

Facility Details

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