Looking to provide better, faster, and more efficient care?

We at Banner State Emergency Physicians (BSEP) believe in building and maintaining a practice that remains dedicated to the community by which our emergency and hospital-based clinicians are part of the fabric of the hospital and its goals.

What We Do

Hospitals face unique emergency medicine practice challenges and Banner State Emergency Physicians (BSEP) provides solutions specifically designed to address evolving clinical and business needs.

Our goal is to cultivate an optimal emergency service structure that allows physicians to focus on the daily operational needs with the support of our team of local, regional, and national resources, designed with emergency medicine practices in mind. We are a full-service company that will work closely with administration and emergency department leaders to achieve our joint goals with our hospital partners.

Our local leadership teams are equipped to make changes immediately when trends start to move in the wrong direction. We provide best in class, real time data analytic dashboard systems that can be customized to your emergency department to improve patient satisfaction as well as emergency department efficiencies.

Data-driven Management

We offer data-driven solutions and real expertise in emergency department services.

Streamline Processes

We explore the complete extent of the efficiency process. Our process improvement strategies are based on lean proven methodologies and fully transparent collaborative relationships with hospitals and physicians.

Increase Yield

Our data-driven process improvement strategies help us increase yield in a jarring healthcare industry.

Save Time

Our services aim to enhance the patient experience by making visits better, faster and more efficient.

Why We Do It

President and Founder Adam Corley, MD. is a board-certified emergency medicine doctor that wanted to change the way facilities and providers take care of their patients. Previously working as a senior vice president as well as a regional medical director over several emergency departments with a few national emergency physician service companies, Dr. Corley has experienced the good and the bad, ultimately resulting in one assertion. Dr. Corley firmly believes that facilities are best administrated to by small regional groups rather than a “one size fits all” corporate mentality. With that mentality, Banner State Emergency Physicians was founded.

How We Do It

In many cases, we offer a physician partnership model that better enables us to achieve the shared goals of the facilities we manage. By prioritizing the establishment of an engaged core physician group we are able to provide consistent staffing, interdepartmental collaboration centered on process improvement and the delivery of quality care for a premier patient experience.

We begin with our people, setting the foundation of a culture that will support the management and continuous improvement of the emergency departments in the communities we serve.

Individual Hospital Assessments

Strong Leadership

Dynamic Management Practices Focused on Process Improvement

Results Oriented

Collaborative Partnerships

Contact Us

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